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Lessons: 94
Video: 29.0 Hours
This offer bundles together all the courses needed to satisfy the two highest levels for becoming a full-stack web application developer - the "front end" and "back end" levels.
  Supplemental material available for download.
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What's Inside This Offer?

JavaScript Super Course

JavaScript Basics

Variables (24:52)
Control Structures (15:18)
Advanced IF Statements (25:05)
For Loops (18:46)
Advanced For Loops (26:33)
While Loops (27:10)

HTML Basics

HTML Tags (14:18)
Creating Your First Webpage (18:30)
Input Tags (22:50)
Input Tags (Part II) (15:06)
Importing Scripts (21:58)


What are Functions? (14:23)
What are Functions? (Part II) (26:57)

Fun with Strings

String Manipulation (33:05)
IndexOf Function (08:46)

Data Structures and Objects

Arrays (Part I) (14:44)
Arrays (Part II) (24:57)
Objects (Part I) (13:35)
Objects (Part II) (13:14)
Objects (Part III) (24:29)
The Prototype (20:05)

Miscellaneous Topics

Null vs. Undefined (15:57)
Debugging (22:39)

JavaScript Closures

Closures + Encapsulation (30:32)
Closures (Part II) (39:31)

Final Assignment

Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part I) (18:51)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part II) (27:42)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part III) (31:32)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part IV) (21:15)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part V) (20:14)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part VI) (30:38)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part VII) (26:45)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part VIII) (18:50)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part IX) (30:59)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part X) (41:52)

Databases and SQL Course

Module 1 - Getting Comfortable with Databases

Lesson #4 - What is SQL? (09:35)
Lesson #5 - Using SQL Command Line (10:07)
Lesson #6 - SQL Data Types (15:09)
Lesson #7 - Create a Table (16:13)
Lesson #8 - CRUD Part I (27:50)
Lesson #9 - CRUD Part II (21:05)
Assignment #1

Module 2 – What Makes Databases “Relational” & Why It’s Cool

Lesson #10 - Relationships (10:08)
Lesson #11 - Normalization (25:28)
Lesson #12 - One to Many Relationship (10:48)
Lesson #13 - One to One Relationship (10:51)
Lesson #14 - Many to Many (11:49)
Lesson #15 - Tools (20:51)
Assignment #2

Module 3 – How to Write SQL “Like a Boss”

Lesson #16 - Joins (36:16)
Lesson #17 - Grouping (27:03)
Lesson #18 - Aggregate Functions (14:30)
Lesson #19 - Having Keyword (23:41)
Lesson #20 - Ordering (07:16)
Lesson #21 - Select Into (25:09)
Assignment #3

Module 4 – Advanced Database Topics

Lesson #22 - Alter Tables (19:12)
Lesson #23 - Views (17:54)
Lesson #24 - Subqueries (26:17)
Lesson #25 - Indexes (39:34)
Lesson #26 - Backups (29:11)
Assignment #4

Bonus Videos

Bonus Video #1 - How to Read the MySQL Documentation (16:34)
Bonus Video #2 - Stored Procedures and Functions (01:03:44)

Spring Security Course

Spring Security Course

Adding Login Page (10:25)
Encoding your passwords (08:21)
Creating a User Details Service (11:32)
Implementing User Details (16:22)
Testing our User Details Service (12:33)
Lets Talk Databases (20:04)
What is Cross Site Request Forgery (12:14)
How to Log Out (07:01)
@AuthenticationPricipal Annotation (05:45)
@Secured Annotation (14:13)

(Deprecated) This is the old version of the course

Video #3 – Spring Security “Hello World” (Part II) (18:46)
Video #4 – Customizing Your Login Page (19:11)
Video #5 – Creating Roles for Authorization (18:16)
Video #6 – Integrating with a Database (via JDBC) (15:57)
Video #7 – Using the Principal Object (Getting the User from the HttpRequest) (05:18)
Video #8 – Automatic Advanced Password Encryption (13:37)
Video #9 – Creating Custom Authentication Process (Integrating with Legacy Systems) (18:55)
Video #10 – Adding Method Level Security (15:03)
Video #11 – Concurrent Session Management (07:57)

Student Reviews

Jonathan Barnett says:


I went through all the videos and at the end didn't feel like I had learned anything very useful. There were a few good points, but nothing that couldn't have easily been googled for how to do something. Trevor needs to improve on preparing what he's going to teach. It seem liked half of the videos were spent on him rambling on about what he wanted to teach/going on random tangents/trying to figure out what he wanted to do. If he would have prepared a lesson plan I think this series could have been improved upon.

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:


you have made a great work and fantastic videos and tutoriais

Radim says:

Great, Learned A Lot!!  

I really enjoyed this course.:)

Adrian says:

Not very good  

We don't work in actual MySQL program, I'm little disappointed

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:

great course  

u have made a great work and fantastic videos and tutoriais

Johan says:

Great Course  

Excelent way of teaching, it doesn't get boring at any point and force you to do your own research in a few things, which is the best way to learn!

Nathan Rajkumar says:


A great way to get started into the huge world of production databases! Trevors videos are meaningful and provide insight good for any beginner or intermediate programmer! Highly recommend if your looking for a way to enhance your db skills!

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:

great quality and unbeliveble cheap  

u have made a great work and fantastic videos and tutoriais

Adrian says:

Not very good  

Trevor could make the course more professional just by adding JSON. Instead we get pretty useless local storage saving. Assignment is little chaotic, no source code avaible and we leave it unfinished Rest of the course is pretty good

Nathan Rajkumar says:

Great job Trevor!  

Short, sweet and to the point. Got me up and running using Spring Security with my web apps!

Nathan Rajkumar says:

A great look into Javascript!  

A fun and insightful way to jump into Javascript. The legend of the Blue Mongoose was a great set of assignments and a fun page to build on after the videos!

savageMVC says:


gr8 course!!

ramesh patel says:

Too Dated  

Hi Trevor, This course needs to be updated from Angular 1. Because later Angular versions are completely different. Thanks, Ramesh

Cyn says:

First one that's made complete sense!  

I've done several online courses on Javascript and they're so dry and info overload that it doesn't stick. This one does. The absolute brilliant part is the last half of the course, where Trevor lets you watch "over his shoulder" as he creates a texted-based game from scratch. This brought it all together for me much more than just another lesson. Just super learning experience. Trevor focuses on getting you up to speed in the 20% of what you need to know to do 80% of what you want to do, then demonstrates how to look up more answers. Being able to follow his thinking out loud as he tests out his coding, finds bugs, and fixes them, is solid gold. Highly recommend.

Iulian Manole says:

Great Course that demystify the security web-app backend  

The challenge-response technique used in secutity with it's so common and underlie virtually every aspect of our modern technological life. Yet very few beginners have an idea of how this technologies actually work behind and how can be easely implemented. Now, get a hands-on explanation of the principles implemented with spring security framework, plus an overview on all protection layers and techniques, not only on basic authentification and authorisation, but more fine user customization, security path tunning, concurrent login and protection of methods, that we can easely integrate on our projects. These lessons will demystify the security backend behavior and how you shoud approach the web application protection concept, while inspire you to see spring framework technology in a new light.

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