FreshVotes Web App Workshop

Created By: Trevor Page


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Lessons: 27
Video: 7.5 Hours
In this free series, you'll learn how to build a real-world Java web application from scratch using Spring Boot, Hibernate & Bootstrap.
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What's Inside This Offer?

FreshVotes Web App Workshop

Intro to FreshVotes (05:15)
Requirements Outline (09:43)
Database Schema Part 1 (27:13)
Database Schema Part 2 (13:52)
Creating a GitHub Repository (03:49)
Associating Git Repo with Code (11:23)
Entity Creation Part 1 (13:32)
Entity Creation Part 2 (15:20)
Using SourceTree for Version Control (16:16)
Creating Our First Controller (21:47)
Getting Started with Spring Security (16:46)
Creating Custom Login Page (16:16)
Adding Password Encoder (12:20)
Enabling CSRF Protection (15:44)
Leveraging a Database for Users (21:02)
Implementing User Details (22:49)
Logging into FreshVotes (33:35)
Creating a Registration Page (Part I) (14:49)
Creating a Registration Page (Part II) (26:37)
Creating a Registration Page (Part III) (22:33)
Intro to Bootstrap 4 (19:23)
Bootstrap Form Groups (21:52)
Responsive Design (23:25)
Bootstrapping Registration Page (12:35)
Adding a Product Entity (17:)
Creating Product Controller (13:32)
Lesson #3 (00:00)
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