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Lessons: 59
Video: 10.3 Hours
Learn to create a captivating résumé as well as how to best prepare for a Java job interview in this course
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What's Inside This Offer?

Java Interview Prep Course

Work In Progress
How to Stand Out to a Hiring Manager (31:03)
Interview with Resume / Recruiting expert (and past Google employee) Erica Kosa (36:07)
Interview Question - The Knight's Tour (48:30)
Interview Question - Knight's Tour Shortest Path (Part I) (12:57)
Interview Question - Knight's Tour Shortest Path (Part II) (41:40)
Interview Question - The Anagram (28:41)
Ball Weighing Problem (12:06)
Introduction to Core Java Review
Q: What are the Main Principles of OOP? (25:21)
Q: Java is an Object Oriented Language. What does that mean?
Q: What is a Class? What is an Object?
Q: Explain Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism
Q: What are the different access modifiers in Java and what do they mean
Q: What is meant when it is said we favour low coupling and high cohesion?
Q: What is the difference between method overloading and method overriding?
Q: What is a constructor?
Q: What is static in java?
Q: What does it mean when we say java does not support multiple inheritance? Is this a good thing?
Q: If you wanted to prevent your methods or classes from being overridden, how would you do this?
Questions about Java Data Structures
The Collection Types
Collection Implementations
Linked implementation
LinkedList Walkthrough (53:55)
Array implementation
ArrayList Walkthrough (59:50)
Hash Implementation
HashMap Walkthrough - Part I (48:16)
HashMap Walkthrough - Part II (33:38)
HashMap Walkthrough - Part III (30:51)
HashSet Walkthrough (01:16:56)
Tree Implementation
Binary Search Tree Walkthrough (59:02)
Multithreading and collections
The Queues
The CopyOnWrites
Core Questions
The Java Virtual Machine and Garbage Collection
New Generation
Old Generation
From the code
JVM Tuning
Introduction to Threading
The Atomic Classes
Thread methods
Object methods
Futures, Callables and Executors
What on earth is Big O?
Why does this matter?
Big O - Data Structures Review (17:10)
How to figure out Big O in an interview
Sample Question
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