Crypto Currency Mining Course (Early Bird)

Created By: Trevor Page


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Lessons: 36
Video: 5.7 Hours
Watch and learn from Trevor Page as he teaches you how to build your very own "mining rig" step-by-step from scratch and start to cash in on the crypto-craze!
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What's Inside This Offer?

Crypto Currency Mining Course

Work in Progress
IMPORTANT VIDEO - Disclaimer (02:19)
What is a motherboard? (09:06)
How to Install a CPU into motherboard (08:04)
How to Remove Thermal Compound from CPU (07:55)
How to install the CPU fan (12:29)
How to Install RAM (04:50)
Mounting SSD and Mother Board to Frame (16:31)
Mounting Power Supply to Frame (05:14)
Connecting SSD to Mother Board (10:15)
Powering your motherboard (06:45)
Installing and powering your GPU (17:24)
Powering up the rig! It's Alive!! (08:42)
Turning Rig on with Screwdriver (04:36)
Getting Ready toInstall Windows (05:25)
Installing Windows (21:40)
Important Windows Settings to Change (05:40)
Installing Nicehash (03:49)
Running Benchmarks in Nicehash (09:12)
Adding More Video Cards to the Rig (15:47)
Increasing Virtual Memory (If Needed) (03:54)
Installing Visual C++ (03:07)
Tweaking Security Settings in Windows (04:11)
Installing Video Card Drivers (09:09)
More Adventures in Benchmarking (08:46)
Using a Kill-a-watt meter (10:39)
Fire Safety (21:13)
Creating Your BitCoin Wallet Part 1 (12:09)
Creating Your BitCoin Wallet Part 2 (15:54)
Simple Mining OS Overview (10:46)
Downloading Simple Mining OS (11:13)
Booting up with SMOS (11:20)
SMOS Wallet Settings and Wallet Creation (06:12)
SMOS Mining Option Configuration (09:20)
Mining Pools and Verifying Your Income (09:25)
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