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Video: 125.7 Hours
Get access to the Java Super Course, JavaScript Super Course, DB & SQL Course + Spring Security Course.
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What's Inside This Offer?

JavaScript Super Course

JavaScript Basics

Variables (24:52)
Control Structures (15:18)
Advanced IF Statements (25:05)
For Loops (18:46)
Advanced For Loops (26:33)
While Loops (27:10)

HTML Basics

HTML Tags (14:18)
Creating Your First Webpage (18:30)
Input Tags (22:50)
Input Tags (Part II) (15:06)
Importing Scripts (21:58)


What are Functions? (14:23)
What are Functions? (Part II) (26:57)

Fun with Strings

String Manipulation (33:05)
IndexOf Function (08:46)

Data Structures and Objects

Arrays (Part I) (14:44)
Arrays (Part II) (24:57)
Objects (Part I) (13:35)
Objects (Part II) (13:14)
Objects (Part III) (24:29)
The Prototype (20:05)

Miscellaneous Topics

Null vs. Undefined (15:57)
Debugging (22:39)

JavaScript Closures

Closures + Encapsulation (30:32)
Closures (Part II) (39:31)

Final Assignment

Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part I) (18:51)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part II) (27:42)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part III) (31:32)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part IV) (21:15)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part V) (20:14)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part VI) (30:38)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part VII) (26:45)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part VIII) (18:50)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part IX) (30:59)
Legend of the Blue Mongoose (Part X) (41:52)

Java Super Course

Java Basics

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Homework - Variables
Variables Quiz
Homework - Control Structures
Control Structures Quiz
Control Structures Part II Quiz
Data Structures Quiz
Video #6 - Primitives (30:44)
Homework - Primitives
Primitives Quiz
Video #7 - Methods (58:28)
Methods Quiz
Video #8 - Objects and Static Keyword (54:58)
Homework - Objects and Static Keyword
Objects and static keyword Quiz
Video #9 - Inheritance (48:42)
Homework - Inheritance
Inheritance Quiz
Video #10 - Exceptions (35:44)
Exceptions Quiz
Custom Exceptions (18:30)
Video #11 - Solution for Practice Assignment #1 (56:06)
Video #12 - String Manipulation (43:49)
Homework - String Manipulation
String Manipulation Quiz
Video #13 - Solution for Practice Assignment #2 (01:06:05)
Video #14 - Overriding & Overloading (34:42)
Overriding and Overloading Quiz
Video #15 - Collections Part I (51:50)
Video #16 - Collections Part II (01:13:09)
Video #17 - Java Operators (34:41)
Homework - Java Operators
Video #18 - this Keyword (30:08)
Video #19 - Enums (56:53)
Video #20 - Sorting (56:15)
Homework - Sorting
Video #21 - Poker Assignment Walk-Through Part I (01:18:36)
Video #22 - Poker Assignment Walk-Through Part II (02:30:15)

Advanced Java

Video #23 - Unit Testing (01:10:07)
Homework - Unit Testing
Video #24 - Mocking (50:09)
Video #25 - Advanced Mocking (01:05:17)
Homework - Advanced Mocking
Video #26 - Walkthrough of Roulette Assignment (49:26)
Video #27 - GUIs (35:57)
Video #28 - GUIs Part II (40:40)
Logging with Java (30:18)

Basic HTML / JavaScript for Java Web Apps

Video #29 - Introduction to HTML (35:13)
Homework - Intro to HTML
Video #30 - HTML Styles (36:46)
Video #31 - HTML Input and Design (41:20)
Video #32 - JavaScript and jQuery (50:03)
Video #33 - jQuery (52:10)
Video #34 - Creating HTML Forms (39:35)
Homework - Creating HTML Forms
Video #35 - Forms and Advanced jQuery (53:15)
Video #36 - IMG and Gradients (32:11)

Java Web Technologies

Video #37 - JSP and Web Server Intro (59:22)
Video #38 - JSPs Part II (25:05)
Video #39 - Introduction to Spring Framework (36:40)
Video #40 - Spring Framework Part II (50:41)
Video #41 - Spring Form Radiobuttons and Checkboxes (56:27)
Video #42 -Service Layer and Spring Autowiring (55:06)
Video #43 - RequestMapping and PathVariable (45:13)
Video #44 - Spring Bean Scope (29:51)

Java Database Integration

(Important video) Spring Boot Part 1 (44:17)
(Important video) Spring Boot Part 2 (32:31)
Video #45 - Spring Roo & Hibernate Intro (51:21)
Homework - Spring ROO and Hibernate Intro
Video #46 - Integrating Hibernate (53:27)
Video 47 - Database Terminology and SQL Syntax (01:04:)
Video 48 - More SQL (42:11)
Video #49 - @OneToMany Hibernate annotation (01:31:17)
Video #50 - @ManyToMany (01:01:21)
Video #51 - Fetch Type Eager vs Lazy (38:42)

Final Touches

Video #52 - Adding functionality to our Social Media App (01:13:07)
Video #53 - Final Video (02:23)

Java 8

Lambdas - Part 1 (29:38)
Lambdas - Part 2 (13:34)
Streams - Part 1 (35:33)
Streams - Part II (19:59)
Optional Keyword (29:07)
Default Methods (12:05)

Databases and SQL Course

Module 1 - Getting Comfortable with Databases

Lesson #4 - What is SQL? (09:35)
Lesson #5 - Using SQL Command Line (10:07)
Lesson #6 - SQL Data Types (15:09)
Lesson #7 - Create a Table (16:13)
Lesson #8 - CRUD Part I (27:50)
Lesson #9 - CRUD Part II (21:05)
Assignment #1

Module 2 – What Makes Databases “Relational” & Why It’s Cool

Lesson #10 - Relationships (10:08)
Lesson #11 - Normalization (25:28)
Lesson #12 - One to Many Relationship (10:48)
Lesson #13 - One to One Relationship (10:51)
Lesson #14 - Many to Many (11:49)
Lesson #15 - Tools (20:51)
Assignment #2

Module 3 – How to Write SQL “Like a Boss”

Lesson #16 - Joins (36:16)
Lesson #17 - Grouping (27:03)
Lesson #18 - Aggregate Functions (14:30)
Lesson #19 - Having Keyword (23:41)
Lesson #20 - Ordering (07:16)
Lesson #21 - Select Into (25:09)
Assignment #3

Module 4 – Advanced Database Topics

Lesson #22 - Alter Tables (19:12)
Lesson #23 - Views (17:54)
Lesson #24 - Subqueries (26:17)
Lesson #25 - Indexes (39:34)
Lesson #26 - Backups (29:11)
Assignment #4

Bonus Videos

Bonus Video #1 - How to Read the MySQL Documentation (16:34)
Bonus Video #2 - Stored Procedures and Functions (01:03:44)

Spring Security Course

Learning Spring Security

Video #3 – Spring Security “Hello World” (Part II) (18:46)
Video #4 – Customizing Your Login Page (19:11)
Video #5 – Creating Roles for Authorization (18:16)
Video #6 – Integrating with a Database (via JDBC) (15:57)
Video #7 – Using the Principal Object (Getting the User from the HttpRequest) (05:18)
Video #8 – Automatic Advanced Password Encryption (13:37)
Video #9 – Creating Custom Authentication Process (Integrating with Legacy Systems) (18:55)
Video #10 – Adding Method Level Security (15:03)
Video #11 – Concurrent Session Management (07:57)

Course Creation Workshop Series

How to Create a Course Creation App Webinar

Course Creation App Part 2 (01:40:12)
Course Creation App Part 3 (01:20:21)
Course Creation App Part 4 (41:47)
Course Creation App Part 5 (53:01)
Course Creation App Part 6 (01:06)

Pizza Order System Workshop

Section #1

Pizza Order System Part 2 (01:27:08)
Pizza Order System Part 3 (42:13)
Pizza Order System Part 4 (51:)
Pizza Order System Part 5 (01:15)

RESTful Web App Workshop

Section #1

ToDo RESTful App - Part 2 (57:29)
ToDo RESTful App - Part 3 (56:03)
ToDo RESTful App - Part 4 (39:19)

Intro to Spring Framework Workshop

Section #1

Spring Framework - Part 2 (53:25)
Spring Framework - Part 3 (36:45)
Spring Framework - Part 4 (39:46)
Spring Framework - Part 5 (41:16)

Java Data Structures Workshop

Section #1

Data Structures - Array List (59:50)
Data Structures - HashMap Part 1 (48:16)
Data Structures - HashMap Part 2 (33:38)
Data Structures - HashMap Part 3 (30:51)
Data Structures - Binary Search Tree (59:02)
Data Structures - HashSet (01:16:56)

Building an eCommerce Website Workshop

Section #1

eCommerce Website - Part 3 (Setting up Spring Security) (01:15:21)
eCommerce Website - Part 4 (Designing Web Pages) (31:26)
eCommerce Website - Part 5 (Creating the Login/Registration Pages) (45:11)
eCommerce Website - Part 6 (Intro to Bootstrap with Dashboard page) (41:52)
eCommerce Website - Part 7 (Using AJAX to create Products) (01:09:)
eCommerce Website - Part 8 (Java Reflection) (41:02)
eCommerce Website - Part 9 (More Java Reflection and AJAX) (47:55)
eCommerce Website - Part 10 (Linking products to Users) (46:29)
eCommerce Website - Part 11 (Editing existing products) (46:11)
eCommerce Website - Part 12 (Editing existing products Part II) (57:28)
eCommerce Website - Part 13 (Deleting Products) (49:15)
eCommerce Website - Part 14 (Creating the eCommerce Storefront) (48:29)
eCommerce Website - Part 15 - Creating the Order (56:36)
eCommerce Website - Part 16 - Adding to Cart (01:05:36)
eCommerce Website - Part 17 - Final Touches (01:55)



What is Thymeleaf? (07:04)
Setting up Thymeleaf (10:19)
Displaying Values from Model (17:32)
Forms in Thymeleaf (21:58)
Dynamic URLs with Thymeleaf (18:52)
Using Thymelaf Syntax in JavaScript (15:19)

Angular JS

Intro to AngularJS

ngTvShows App (creating the skeleton) (32:09)
States with $stateProvider (31:47)
Using the Angular Material Library (34:53)
Using Factories (41:32)
Using Promises with $http.get (01:03:02)
Bringing in Persistence via Firebase (40:26)

Intro to Amazon Web Services

How to Publish a Java Web App

Create an AWS Account (28:)
Launch a Sample Application with AWS (14:40)
Create a Database with AWS (41:55)
Point a domain to your AWS app and make use of HTTPS (25:50)

Maven - A Practical Guide

Maven 101

A Brief History of Depedency Management (17:22)
Using Maven in your IDE (34:09)
Adding External Repositories and Dependencies (25:35)
Installing Maven and Using it on Command Line (15:28)

Student Reviews

Anonymous User says:

Very detailed videos and Trevor is thorough. So far, it's the best online course I've taken so far.

Anonymous User says:

I love the video tutorials because they are simply great. i have read books on Java before but never seen the concepts explained so well.

Sean Anderson says:

I like the video tutorials because they explain each step and detail needed in order for me to gain a complete picture of how Java programs are developed.

Carlos says:

it is a super course alright!!  

excellent for beginners like me.

Daniyal Aamir says:

very easy to understand with clear explanations.

Labinot says:

The best tutour I ever have.  

Oh man Trevor, you are a god under the sun. The video with the "static"-stuff you made is really greate. Even though I new that you can compare the java-class with a blueprint, you go a step further and show me how it really works. Thanks a billion times, Labi from Germany born in Kosovo and live in the Internet, adores your stuff. May the Force be with you.

Anonymous User says:

I am a man of few words.
So far, these videos have been great in helping me understand
the java programming language.
I hope it takes me to the final goal. That is, a certified programmer.

Srikanth Gooni says:

So far I have completed 20 video lectures and trust me they are incredible...
All the complex concepts have been dealt smoothly without much fuss...

Thanks for the super videos.

Would like to have few more videos one below mentioned topics:
1. Identifying the complexity of the code
2. Algorithms
3. Some other Advanced Topics

will continue to provide feedback on the remaining videos as well.

Shailendra says:

This java training is very easy and to the point for beginners as well as for who has little expirience in understanding java from other tutorials.this is the best java tutorial ,i have never before seen and read.Thank you so much tp my best JAVA GURU TPAGE :).

Alan Scott says:

Java super course  

Great course covers everything from the start to the finish of Java OO. Very enjoyable!

Anonymous User says:

I love this course because everything is so well explained.

Anonymous User says:

I can say I have only had 1 issue and that was from lesson 4 about data structures. I can't remember the videos covering the exclamation point. I knew that ! = not, so I set up my for loop for that question as
for(myArray != null)
you probably can't do it that way but I was completely unaware that I could just put the exclamation point at the beginning of the statement and use the isEmpty() method.

Other than that it has been pretty great.

Anonymous User says:

I'm yet at the beginning of the course, but so far so good. Everything was very well explained. The tests are a bit tricky when we have to write excerpts of code. The automatic correction is very rigid.

Anonymous User says:

Great Explanations. I love how you don't assume the audience knows anything especially when a topic comes up that is out of scope. Introducing things in the right order is tremendously helpful in learning.

Anonymous User says:

I wish the examples weren't so generic. It would be better if we were dealing with a specific scenario.

Manoj says:

Course is good for Java Learners.

Anonymous User says:

I have completed first 5 videos.
As an intermediate java programmer I expect more on each topic.
All 5 videos are very good for beginners.

Joe says:

I like the Java tutorial videos. It really helps to learn Java. Hopefully, this will prepare me for interviews as a software developer and harness success getting a new job.

Anonymous User says:

You know I love it dude! I didn't give it a perfect score because there is always room for improvement. I would like there to be some supplemental reading attached to the videos - if nothing more than a link to an article for a well-rounded education on the subject. Or perhaps simply to reinforce the subject matter that you have just explained. In any case, it couldn't hurt. Not that I can see at least. But that is really all I would add to it. I really like how you make yourself so available to your students. The best professors were always the ones that kept long office hours and had a real passion for teaching their students, and I see that in you. So keep it up! I am learning a hell of a lot of material and its been great!

David Fuqua

Anonymous User says:

The videos are quite helpful to get the big picture view. I think the "homework" could be a little bit more of a step-by-step now try it at home type of thing. The quizzes are perfect - multiple choice and write your own code.

The topics are big . . . . so perhaps break up the lessons a bit in byte-sized chunks. (20 minute lessons would be ideal)

Anonymous User says:

Mark Mneimneh says:

Good course, but need more beef.  

I think the first batch of 6 videos are good ... they introduce the basic thymeleaf concept without being bogged down with html/js/java .... and so forth. But I thing future videos should be more organized and the demo project should be concrete. For example, consider a BOOK store project, a Music Store PRoject, A Car Rental project ... you got the idea. using such project, create MVC app that is using Thymeleaf + js + jquery? to drive the site. Please recall that your other course are jsp based ... this is the only place where thymeleaf is used. Web page forms validation dynamic error messages are important concepts. important. But again, I liked the first 6 videos because they formed a good github project I can refer to for note. Looking forward for more materials.

Mohamed Mandour says:

Best Best  

This is the best Java Course I have Ever Seen so far

Vernon Daniel says:

I think it is great. If I do not understand a particular lesson, I can repeat it as many times as I wish.

Tony Westwell says:

They are really clear and in byte sized chunks that you can absorb better. Really enjoying the series so far.

Rob says:

I like that whilst the basics of java are covered, like in other java online lessons, that there are so many more useful things being taught. Like Scanner and Sets which I hadn't seen covered before. Also explained things a LOT clearer like int vs Integer, and what static is.

I am looking forward to the rest of the lessons

Anonymous User says:

Good so far

Anonymous User says:

Trevor Page reminds me of Salman Khan (Khan Academy).
Very good tutorial system.

James says:

I learned in 6 hours what took my an entire semester at my college. This is the best thing to happen to my dream of becoming a Java Developer!

Carlos says:

Good practice, could be better  

it is good practice and it is a good project. Videos 11 and 16 are a bit messy though, got confused and frustrated to the point that I had to walk away for a bit. I believe certain things shouldn't be done "on the fly". It gets confusing and discouraging for beginners

Patty says:

I love how Trevor teaches. He takes his time to explain with details.

Andre says:

I'm 45 years old, English is my second Language, I have zero programming experience, so sometimes it's a little to fast for me.

I try to fit it in between a 6 and 13 Year old Kid and A full time job.

I think you are the best teacher there is.

I enjoy it very much.

thank you Trevor Page!!


Anonymous User says:

very simple, easy to follow and not too much information at a time.

Michael Yingling says:

Great learning environment!!

Anonymous User says:

I simulates the class room training and I can review as many times as I want. So far I am feeling good about these tutorials. Thanks!

joseph says:

It has been good so far, but some of the example i couldn't finish, couldn't get the same result

Anonymous User says:

I like video tutorials because is very well detailed information for starting java developer.

Carlos says:

Good stuff  

I've learned A LOT with Trevor and all his courses / workshops. I'm giving 4/5 for 1 reason: While I do appreciate the whole real-life-on-the-go development style and while I also see value on the whole "this is how you struggle in real life" kind of deal I do think that to a certain extent, it is not too friendly to beginners like myself. I've found myself beyond confused a couple of times due to this. Again, good experience, but there are concepts that should've just been researched and better structured in advance to save time. Again Trev's a great guy and a great instructor and this is just my personal opinion.

Anonymous User says:

I love the Java Tutorials because Trevor really demonstrates his passion and enthusiasm for the subject matter and his commitment to teaching the general masses. His demeanor keeps me engaged and motivated to continue to improve my Java knowledge and skills. Although I have done some Java programming in the past, Trevor has this most valuable skill of being able to communicate complex subject matter in simple terms. Above all else, he seems to genuinely have fun! Each tutorial, podcast or video, leaves me excited for the next. Well done, Trevor!!

Anonymous User says:

The information in these tutorials is great. One drawback is that the videos are slightly out of focus when viewed in full screen - not sure why. But otherwise keep up the great work.

Anonymous User says:

I like everything about this product, but importing the assignment files is rather difficult.

Anonymous User says:

These videos are nice. I learned a lot from them.

Anonymous User says:

It covers all basic and advanced topics.

Iulian Manole says:

Great Course that demystify the security web-app backend  

The challenge-response technique used in secutity with it's so common and underlie virtually every aspect of our modern technological life. Yet very few beginners have an idea of how this technologies actually work behind and how can be easely implemented. Now, get a hands-on explanation of the principles implemented with spring security framework, plus an overview on all protection layers and techniques, not only on basic authentification and authorisation, but more fine user customization, security path tunning, concurrent login and protection of methods, that we can easely integrate on our projects. These lessons will demystify the security backend behavior and how you shoud approach the web application protection concept, while inspire you to see spring framework technology in a new light.

Anonymous User says:

I like this video tutorials because they are explicit and very easy to understand :)

Mike Miguelez says:

Very understandable course. Thanks!

Zach says:

So far the videos have been really good. I am only on video 7. I am a computer science major and I am currently taking my third programming class with Java and I am still learning things in these early videos. I think the style and the format on how you do the videos works very well.

Eaton Droomer says:

Explained in a way thats easy to understand.

Anonymous User says:

very good

Forrest Nutter says:

Service has been great!

Anonymous User says:

Very good tutorials!!!

Anonymous User says:

I really like this because the simplicity of how you explain it says:

Like very much - very thorough explanations in terms I can understand. The pace is perfect imho

anonymous says:

Thank you for updating the course  

Thank you for updating the course to use spring boot instead of spring roo.

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