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Created By: Trevor Page


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Lessons: 48
Video: 14.9 Hours
Follow Trevor Page as he shows you how to create an entire budgeting app from scratch. This will be a mobile friendly app that is created using Java + Bootstrap.
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What's Inside This Offer?

Budgeting App Workshop

Introduction (02:57)
Assigning Domain Properties (16:44)
Assigning Relationships (18:)
Creating Domain Objects (08:20)
Assigning Entities Relationships (30:41)
Designing the UI (15:59)
Updating Design to Include Budget Domain (16:42)
Spring Security Authentication (30:27)
Spring Security Authorization (28:20)
Creating a Registration Page (30:11)
Reformating Login Page (07:31)
Creating a Budgets View (17:)
Adding Budgets to the Database (43:22)
Refactoring with Thymeleaf Fragments (11:45)
Refactoring Adding Budget Code (16:35)
Creating the Budget UI (20:02)
Creating Groups (26:03)
Fixing Bugs with Groups (25:35)
Editing Group Names (17:37)
Structuring Budget Screen for Categories (08:33)
Creating Categories (19:57)
Category Creation Refactoring (18:)
Clickable Categories (07:02)
Making Category Configurable (11:06)
Bringing In The BigDecimal (23:40)
Editing Domain Model for Start and End Dates (25:16)
Showing start and end dates (13:48)
Making Date Ranges Editable (30:44)
Starting to Create Transactions (18:06)
Transaction Creation Part 2 (17:17)
Creating a second budgetId mapping (07:36)
Testing the Creation of a Transaction in the DB (12:26)
Creating the Transaction View Part 1 (17:58)
Fun with Data Binding (19:57)
Formatting Dates for the Transaction (18:01)
Using java.time.LocalDate (19:49)
Adding Category onto Transaction Screen (24:06)
Leveraging Custom Data in JQuery Autocomplete (30:07)
Properly Displaying Category on View (20:37)
Adding Transactions to Category Screen (24:14)
Making Transactions Pretty (16:14)
Fixing Addition of Transaction Logic (20:15)
Sorting Transactions (08:29)
Filtering Transactions (24:10)
UI For Planned, Spent and Remaining (09:37)
Finishing Touches (18:38)

Student Reviews

Maks says:

Very helpful   

Great workshop, Trevor didn't hide any mistakes and he was life-debugging which can be very helpful for junior developer. I definitely recommned that workshop .Special for those who have Java basic and need to start making some projects.

Spectre says:

I got a lot out of this workshop  

I haven't caught up with the latest vids yet (from May 2018) because what I learnt in lessons up until then gave me enough confidence to start on a project of my own that's even more complex than the budgeting app. Trevor is clearly a teacher at heart with an ability to put himself in the shoes of learner programmer. He narrates his thoughts very naturally and completely, I never felt there was any code or action that was left unexplained. Setup-wise, I could follow the videos in this course easily, using the same tools and options I was able to get the same results on my screen. It's a workshop style course and not a sanitized, structured one, meaning you get to watch his process, including when things go wrong or he when he makes changes. You don't see the what the final product looks like until the end. So you really need to follow it like a soap opera (which by the way I also how I learnt 2 foreign languages).

gustavo rodrigues dos santos says:



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